shadow preist pvp

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    shadow preist pvp

    Post by Hulken on December 27th 2010, 04:25

    This topic is for me (lul)
    well in case the original topic disapears for its original now that blizz have new patches.
    so this is for 3.3.5 patch

    1. Overview, Contents, Addition information
    2. Viable pvp comps
    3. Duel Strategies
    4. Necessary Stats
    5. Enchants, Gems, and Gear
    6. Spec
    7. 2v2 Strats for Shadow priest / Rogue

    Recent Edits:
    3. Rogue addition.
    2. 3v3 Comp addition, triple dps addition.
    7. Added 2v2 strats for Shadow priest rogue.
    1. Added info about me.
    6. Added Glyphs
    1. Changed info about me.

    ---------------2. Viable pvp comps----------------
    2 VS 2
    Shadow priest / Rogue
    Shadow priest / Mage
    Shadow priest / Rdruid
    Shadow priest / Rshaman
    shadow priest / Hpally
    Shadow priest / Dpriest

    3 VS 3
    Shadow priest / UA lock / Rshaman
    Shadow priest / Rogue / Rshaman
    Shadow priest / Rogue / Rdruid
    Shadow priest / Fmage / Rdruid
    Shadow priest / Fmage / Rshaman
    Shadow priest / Hunter / Rshaman
    Shadow priest / Balance druid / Rshaman
    These are probably the best comps for a shadow priest in 3s, with the first 3 being the best. There can be some other comps, but typically if you see a shadow priest they will be on 1 of the first 3 on this list.

    If you are limited on options, or you want to mess around with triple dps, some of your choices are:
    Shadow priest / Frost Mage / Rogue
    Shadow priest / Ele Shaman / Destro Lock
    Shadow priest / Ele shaman / Rogue
    ... pretty much any type of big burst set up... Spriest / (Mage, Hunter, shaman, ret, rogue, mage, lock, balance druid)

    5 VS 5
    Any 4 dps consisting of a Shaman and a Paladin, with either the shaman or paladin healing, and typically either double caster, or caster hunter, or caster rogue... so:
    Shadow priest / Paladin / Shaman / (Lock, Mage, Hunter, Rogue)

    ---------------3. Duel Strategies---------------
    Strategies can differ between priests, but I will tell you what I do.

    Blood Death Knight / Frost Death Knight:
    I like to open Fear against some death knights, and silence against others. Against a Blood Death Knight I think fear is a better way to go. So you can fear them, and if they lichborn out of it I would suggest using shackle undead if you have enough space to get it off before mind freeze. The DK will probably trinket this, if not just dot him up, if he does trinket then use psychic horror and get some dots up. The whole fear shackle thing isn't necessary, but it could help draw early cooldowns. With a blood dk they have an amazing ability to heal themselves, so when you go for your kill you really gotta make sure they aren't able to cast. So if all of their cooldowns are down, you can fear them and hope it doesn't break 2 dot ticks in and load up your max burst mblast sw death silence -> flay spam mind blast.
    If the frost DK uses his little hey, I'm cool and can AOE CC, then just trinket the first one and try to end the duel within a minute of when he uses it.
    Keep abolish disease up against both.

    Unholy Death Knight:
    Against an unholy DK I suggest opening with a shadow word pain then silence them and VT -> devo plague, they will probably gnaw you when you silence, so just cast the dots after gnaw ends. After the silence ends get a fear on them so they have to take the time to lichborn, and PH them before they get AMS up if you can, but don't PH the AMS. With gnaw on a 1 min cooldown, I don't think it's too effective to try to shackle the pet, so just run around with dots on the dk, and try to get a good burst combo, use your silence against him when you can because your silence and his AMS have the same cooldown. Also silence prevents mind freeze, strangulate, AMS, deathgrip, icy touch, deathcoil and some other things I believe. Just keep abolish disease up here as well, and try to los the gargoyle if you can.

    Balance Druid:
    Save fear for treants, because the moonkin is saving treants for fear. Try to get early dots on the druid, and if you get him triple dotted, then go for some damage, get a silence on him and burst him, make him play defensive, don't let him make u play defensive. Chase after him as long as you aren't low on health, and use your psychic horror to help you burst / prevent his burst as well. Dispel magic helps out quite a bit against balance druids, both for their hots and for moonfire / insect swarm. If they waste treants early just fear them, dont bother trying to fear the druid with them unless u know u can. If you are able to, try to dot each treant, or if the druid is playing los games, or if you are playing los games, kill the treants. Just don't let yourself get bursted down by the druid.

    Feral Druid:
    Ferals have 2 things that can break your Fear, they have a pvp trinket and they have berzerk. When they use berzerk they will rip a priest to shreds and crush your soul. The key to ferals is to never show them your back *unless they are mangle spec, but few ferals are mangle spec* Against a feral try to get an early fear and watch what happens. If they pop berzerk get away from them, keep your back away from them, use PH to cc them, and just outlive the berzerk by kiting keeping abolish disease on you is VERY important. Stay in shadowform when they hit you if at all possible, but try not to waste dispersion until too late. Don't use your trinket unless they are really low, or you are really low, and try to save trinket for the instant cyclone that he will hit you with. But the basic strat is Fear -> berzerk / trinket -> dps if trinket / kite with dots if berzerk -> Use your PH defensively if they berzerk to get away, or get a heal off, ferals are very limited in their interrupt ability, but they can outdps your heals anyday if you let them stand their and hit you. If you get the feral low use your silence EVEN IF THEY ARE STILL IN CAT FORM. If they are able to get a finishing move on you with 5 points they will definitely use an instant cyclone, or if they are low and you aren't they are going to try to heal.
    ALWAYS KEEP ABOLISH DISEASE UP as much as you can.

    Resto druid:
    Chase the druid, dispel his buffs, get your dots up. Get to him to fear without using any cds. Fear him and get some mind flays or some new dots, or get a mind blast off if you already have dots. If the druid is somewhat low... not even extremely low, but just somewhat low w/o hots then use your PH and mind blast shadow word death, then silence and get some flay spam / mind blast off. Try not to use shadowfiend / dispersion unless you know you wont get a cyclone when u do it, and make sure you help your shadowfiend if it needs it w/ roots / mind flay slowing the druid / use shadowfiend while druids feared.

    BM Hunter:
    Chase the hunter, get dots on him
    Marks Hunter:
    open silence on any marks hunter as the first thing u do. They will probably try to scatter trap u, but they can't trap when silenced, so they just wasted scatter shot. After the scatter get some dots up and use PH to run to the hunter, avoid any traps you see him trap if u can, if he trinkets PH then he still won't have his bow for a couple seconds and u can dps him a bit, if he eats the PH use your fear which he will trinket, if not he'll lose. And just get some damage into him.

    Surv Hunter:
    open silence on any surv hunter also. They too will try to scatter trap you, if not silence isn't all that common against hunters anyway, and it still will prevent any traps. If you get wyverned use wotf, trinket if you dont have wotf. Get some damage into him and still avoid any traps he uses. Use ph to get to him and try to get the fear.... use the same strat as against marks....

    Use devouring plague on him first, if he tries to polly you, shadow word death. If he tries to polly after this then just silence it. If he doesn't have any buffs... for some reason then just mind flay him. Of course, if you are able to los the mage when he tries to polly you...if he gets a polly off just trinket..Keep dispels on the mage, keep your dots up, if you have the mana to spend then spam devouring plague. Try to save shadow word death for if they polymorph and just keep them dispelled, use a silence and burst if you want to try to waste an iceblock or output pressure.

    Holy paladin:
    Same basic strat as resto druid, just use dots and chase, try to gib when you get them low.
    Keep sacred shield off.

    Prot paladin:
    if its dps use ret strat. if its healer, use holy strat, keep in mind that prots have no instant heals, so don't waste silence / ph unless they have started casting to maximize their time without healing. Also, keep sacred shield off.

    Ret paladin:
    Get a very early silence.. how early depends on how much u want to risk, opening silence is usually the safest, but sometimes you can get 1 or 2 dots off before u have to silence. When you silence finish getting your dots off, and fear the paladin at the end of silence. They will trinket, use your PH and burst them.... Make sure you keep sacred shield dispelled. Keep pressure on them after using flay spam and mind blast, if they bubble, it's probably a better idea to run away and keep pws prayer of mending up and get space and set up against for dmg than to try to mass dispel.When they reset using bubble they won't have anything to get out of fear and silence should be returning soon making for a pretty easy kill. Just get dots up using the space u have from running when they healed in bubble. And use mblast swd and flays to burst them, fear when they get in range, and use silence when its up to help you get the kill.

    Greatly depends on how mana efficient your spec is, but the basic strategy is this:
    Open dispel spam on them and get fear off as soon as you can... your fear is on a shorter cooldown which will help you out. Don't fear the fear ward too. When they are feared they will probably trinket / wotf as soon as they can so try to get some dots up before they get out and go for a fear on u, and if possible, try to fear ward their fear... meaning run at them, or let them run at u and cast a fear ward before u think they will fear. Either they will take the global to dispel it, or they will fear it and you won't have to waste your wotf or trinket... just don't let them do that to you. against a dpriest dispels are going to be a big tool, keep them dispelled, and keep dots up. Just keep chasing them and fearing them, and when you get them in a good spot use a silence / ph to go for the kill. You will burn through their cooldowns....but make sure you keep them on the defensive so they don't start the mana burns... go for los'ing mana burns if you can, and if you need to you can use an early silence to prevent a mana burn. Fear on cooldown though.

    Same basic strat as dpriest. Dispel is a great tool to use, and just keep dots and fears going till you have them in a good spot, then go for the gib.

    Start with full buffs, spam dispel them, keep abolish disease up, and dispel swp if its up without VT: Use your fears on them, do the same fear ward tricks as i mentioned in the dpriest post, and just get your dots up, when dots are up you pop silence and go for a mind blast shadow word death, if they eat it, then they will be very low, and you can just mind flay them with PH after. If they dispersion just try to get all the dots and stuff and a new pw:s up. also re apply your dots if needed during dispersion, and Watch the dispersion timer, time your mind blast so that it goes off when dispersion ends and use your sw:d if its up too. Also, get fears off pretty much as close to on cooldown as u can. Don't let them burst you, keep dots off as much as u can, and if they cast a mblast sw death with dots up, dont eat it.. use your dispersion. Silence hurts shadow priests, and allows them to set up, use your silence to set up, and if they silence u, get los of them, and make sure you are keeping abolish disease up, and dispel sw:p, just watch for vt.

    Get a pw:s and prayer of mending up then go sform drink and mount. As long as they aren't being stupid they won't wait for the trash to end before opening. Stay mounted though for when they open, try to get a pw:s off if they really are waiting, but get mounted, don't worry so much about the prayer of mending. When they open, they will either garrote kidney or cs kidney. Wait for kidney, the second they kidney dispersion, the probably will stop hitting u, since u are mounted you will be quite quick and u can't be slowed, so get as much spacing as u can, and since kidney is about 4ish seconds dispersion will get you some time to run freely... unless they decide blinding u is a good idea. But get a dot up before they vanish, get a new pw:s up. if you have enough time, get VT and swp up. then psychic horror mind blast shadow word death. When they get in range use your fear, they will wotf / trinket and try to just space urself by running with fade if they got a crippling on u before the fear. DO NOT DOT THE ROGUE WHEN YOU PH HIM UNLESS HE'S ALREADY CLOAKED... dotting the rogue with PH is just a waste. use a mblast sw death to do some damage, he will most likely cloak right at the end of PH. As soon as cloaks down get new dots up, with the mount strategy the game will probably be stalled long enough to the point where his next opener dispersion might be up soon. If the rogue is combat, save dispersion for Ks if u can.. u dont really ahve to use the mount strat.. thats for mut rogues really. if the rogue is sub then just use the same basic strat without mounting. keep dots up, use ph for damage not dots unless cloak is down, don't get kicked, stay in shadowform if u can, and use fear as much as u can so eventually it will be full dura. pay attention to the rogues cooldowns.... kidney and cloak mainly.
    If you are capable of doing so, save your trinket until after cloak.

    Ele shaman:
    open with your 2 instant dots, watch grounding totem, if you can use VE on grounding, and after that u can silence, because shamans can drop totems while silenced, i suggest waiting till after groundings been used so they don't grounding your dmg during silence. they can't interupt you while silence, so get VT and mblast swd off during silence, use ph for some mind flays, and maybe a tremor kill into fear. Remember devo plague does instant damage too, so its good for killing tremors. Keep flame shock dispelled.

    Enh Shaman:
    Save fear for wolves. Kill the grounding and silence early. Try to get as much as you can to the shaman done in that opening silence, get vt up and do some damage. After that get some flays in and a psychic horror, if he trinkets psychic horror then he wont have trinket for fear, but don't use fear until he uses wolves, and make sure u kill tremor, then just triple fear the wolves and the shaman.

    Same basic idea with the grounding / silence. Don't silence until you know grounding is on cd, and try to do it when he's moderately low... 60%, 70%... then burst him. also, use your ph and get near him during the global of ph, kill the tremor if its up and get a fear on him. But burst him if you can... if you got him low using silence, forget the killing tremor thing and just go for a kill.

    affliction lock:
    Get an early fear... try to make it a double fear with the fel hunter, if thats impossible get some magic dots up and then fear him, that way devour might dispel a dot instead of fear. Watch the spell lock cooldown, and if the pet doesn't get feared, try to juke it... or since most locks have it stay, try to range it or los it. Get dots up on the lock in the beginning, if the pets feared and the lock used wotf / trinket on the fear, this is the time to use silence and go for burst, if he didnt break the fear then still burst him, but try to watch where the pet is and los it so you can continue bursting after the pet's out of fear. If the lock gets pretty low from damage then you can just los him and let your dots beat him, and just refresh them waiting on fear cooldowns and silence cooldown, use ph to help your burst too, and whenever you fear try to make sure you get the fel hunter as well. Try to dispel shadow ward too.

    Demo lock:
    Just keep dots up and dps him, use your fear, silence, and ph to stop him from stopping you from killing him.

    Destro lock:
    start off with the fear.. read UA lock for more info on the beginning fear.. then go for the same opener... get dots, dps, silence if trinket, more dps, DISPEL nether prot SHADOW.... dont bother about the holy nether prot that procs off of dispel magic, only worry about the shadow nether protection. also dispel shadow ward. Get dots up, and DISPEL IMMOLATE... if you see the lock casting immolate either INTERRUPT HIM or SAVE YOUR GLOBAL for immolate dispel or LOS. Get dots up, use your fear, if he fears u use your wotf / trinket / fear ward to stay out / break fear asap. KEEP IMMOLATE OFF. KEEP NETHER PROT OFF.

    Arms / fury warrior:
    Treat fury pretty much as an arms warrior without the bladestorm. open with your instant dots, keep power word shield up so if he rends you it wont give him an overpower. Get your VT up when he can't interrupt using charge, and unless he's already in berzerker he won't pummel you. If he has a shield on use VE whenever he spell reflects, and use an early fear on him to help get your dot or a mind flay on him. i know he can break fear w/ berzerker rage, but it'll give you some time. Use PH after the fear and burst him. Fear on cooldown after that. and just keep dpsing him, watch for bladestorm and use dispersion when he bladestorms.... if its fury just do it when you see burst coming and dots are on him, that way you'll be destroying him w/ dots, but he won't be touching you.

    prot warrior:
    Get instant dots up, use fear to try to get vt up, and dont get your dots reflected, use VE on spell reflect, use your Ph to burst him.

    PWS as soon as you can always, and do get yourself bursted, let your dots do most of the work, but mind flay if they aren't smart enough to stop you.

    i didn't mention shadowfiend in here at all, you can use your shadowfiend for a lot of extra damage, and it will help quite a bit. Against healer, you may want to save it for when you are at like 60% mana, but you can use it to try to burst.

    Los can help you a lot, but a lot of people complain about it.

    ---------------4. Necessary Stats----------------
    23000 health or higher should be a solid amount UNBUFFED, if you have 24, or 25, or 26 unbuffed that's ok as long as you aren't sacrificing your damage to get more health.

    Typically having over 900 resilience should be pretty good, anything over is fine as well. Just make sure you are not sacrificing spell damage or too much of it to gain resilience.

    Currently a good amount of crit to have is 18% +, if you have 19%, or 20%, or 21% or higher, that's great. I would suggest trying to stick with at least 17% crit or higher at a very bottom amount, but for now you really want at least 17% crit.
    (If you are mooncloth / haste you can ignore this ^)

    Bonus Damage
    Keep this around 3k +.

    Spell Pen
    130 spell pen is the ideal number, more than this is gimping other stats by too much, and less than it is... OK I guess, but usually you want 130.
    There are multiple good ways of getting 130 spell pen... Keep in mind:
    Hybrid sp / spell pen gems are 12 sp 13 pen while pure spell pen is 25, and pure sp is 23, so using 2 hybrids would give you 24 sp, 26 pen... while 2 pures is 23 sp, 25 pen.
    Also keep in mind the back enchant is 35 spell pen and engineers and tailors can opt out and get their own enchant.
    The Relentless OH gives 67 spell pen, and the Relentless Wand gives 35.
    The wand + OH = 102, meaning you'd have to use 3 hybrids, or a back enchant to get 130.

    A good amount of haste to be at is around 20%, but just get as much as you can.

    Some people suggest 4%, others 5%, and others 6%. If someone asked me what I thought about hit, I would say 4% is a solid number, but typically hitting a number or percent on the dot isn't what happens, so you'll probably end up with 4% and some extra.
    The neck and back and ring are 50 hit each. If you use the ring and either the back or neck you will have 100 hit which is 3.81% hit.
    105 Hit is 4%. If you want to stick with the 3.81% that's fine, some people would suggest gemming 1 hybrid sp hit gem which would get you a bit over 4%, and other people would simply suggest getting the hit cloak, neck and ring which would put you at 5.72% hit.

    ---------------5. Enchants, Gems, and Gear---------------
    Common Enchants:
    Head - 29 spell power, 20 resil
    Shoulder - 23 spell power, 15 resil (inscription 70 spell power 15 crit)
    Cloak - 35 Spell pen, 23 haste (engi 27 sp, Tailor lightweave embroidery)
    Chest - 20 resil
    Bracer - 30 spell power (leatherworking 76 spell power)
    Gloves - 28 spell power (engi hand mounted pyro rocket, engi Accelerator haste thing)
    Legs - 50 spell power, 20 stam
    Boots - 22 stam, 15 stam minor run speed, 24 crit, 12 crit - 12 hit
    Ring - (enchanter 23 spell power)
    Main Hand - 63 spell power

    Common Gems:
    Not including JC
    23 spell power
    12 spell power 10 resil
    12 spell power 15 stam
    12 spell power 13 spell pen
    12 spell power 10 hit
    12 spell power 10 haste

    There's really 2 choices right now. Mooncloth / haste or Satin / haste. Either way the goal is get 4 or 5 piece mooncloth / satin and use haste offpieces, the reason I said 4 or 5 piece is because if you can get a good pve item in there it won't hurt you as long as you keep that solid resil number I mentioned above. Also, you can replace a couple of your pvp off pieces with pve items such as a ring, belt, boots, bracers, neck, cloak, as long as it's only like 2 or so of them because we need to keep that solid resil number.

    There's a lot of factors that affect your trinket choice, mainly what pve gear you are able to have access to, and how much resil you have. But the "best in slot" trinket would be the Medallion of the Alliance / Horde. You have a couple options for your second trinket, just find the next best 1 you can.

    ---------------6. Spec--------------
    In my opinion these are the specs that you'll find shadow priests using:
    Satin ... kAo:oha0Vm
    (put that last point wherever, maybe martyrdom, really doesn't matter)

    Mooncloth ... kAo:oha0Vm

    Mooncloth ... kAo:oha0Vm

    Mind Flay
    Inner Fire
    Shadow Word: Pain

    I will go through the things that are pretty much required first, then I will do the optional talents at the end.

    Unbreakable Will (5/5)
    Silent Resolve (3/3)
    Improved Inner Fire (3/3)
    Improved Fortitude (2/2)
    Inner Focus (1/1)

    Total Required: (14)


    Total Required (0)

    Darkness (5/5)
    Improved Shadow Word: Pain (2/2)
    Shadow Focus (3/3)
    Improved Psychic Scream (2/2)
    Mind Flay (1/1)
    Veiled Shadows (2/2)
    Shadow Reach (2/2)
    Shadow Weaving (3/3)
    Silence (1/1)
    Vampiric Embrace (1/1)
    Mind Melt (2/2)
    Improved Devouring Plague (3/3)
    Shadowform (1/1)
    Improved Shadowform (2/2)
    Misery (3/3)
    Psychic Horror (1/1)
    Vampiric Touch (1/1)
    Pain and Suffering (3/3)
    Twisted Faith (5/5)
    Dispersion (1/1)

    Total Required (44)

    Total Required Points (58)
    Points Remaining (13)


    FIRST: If you have spirit gear or a lot of spirit and you play a comp where the game does not end quickly it may not be a bad idea to pick up Mediation (X/3). If your spirit is not the best then you can pick up Twin Disciplines (X/5) but I do not find a high value in using Martyrdom. Also, Improved power word shield (X/3) is not too bad of an idea. Usually the number of points you spend here will determine how many points you spend in decision 2 of discipline as well as be based off of the amount of points you spent in the optional shadow tree further down.

    SECOND: Mental Agility (X/3). Very useful talent for shadow. Some priests don't spec down this far in discipline, however it is quite common to see a 17/0/54 spec used to get 2/3 mental agility.

    In shadow you will have some choices which will depend on your comp, or what you intend to do in pvp.

    FIRST: To get down to the fourth Tier you will have 2 places to put your talent points worthwhile. Shadow Affinity (X/3) - Good for if your dots get dispelled a lot. AND / OR
    Improved Mind Blast (X/5) - Will reduce the cooldown of mind blast, which is good if you play a comp where you are able to mind blast quite easily. Also, it will add a 20% ms that does not stack with other ms's so if you play with a rogue, warrior, mage, hunter the ms that you provide will do virtually nothing in most cases. You will need to put at least 2 points into one of these, typically people put points into improved mind blast, even if its not 5/5, but not always. And Shadow Affinity can be useful in some cases, and completely useless in others.

    SECOND: Improved Vampiric Embrace (X/2). Most priests I run into and see do not use this, but I'm sure some comp out there or some priests out there find a use for it, anyway, it is up to you if you have the 2 extra talent points to spend on it right now.

    THIRD: Focused Mind (X/3). Although this talent may seem great, it really does not reduce the mana used in a fight by a ton. This talent would mainly be used if you are running a comp where you need mana for a long time because it takes a while to kill people, possibly shadowplay? But usually in a shadow priest rogue, or shadow priest mage set up it will not be used.

    FOURTH: Shadow Power (X/5). A big part of this is your gearing, if you have no crit because you decided to get spirit or haste gear then this talent will not be as useful to you as it is to other priests who have crit, also, if you don't cast mind blast or shadow word death all that often it is not as valuable.

    ------------------------7. 2v2 Strats for Shadow priest / Rogue-----------------------------

    These are BASIC strategies for Shadow Priest / Rogue 2v2. Depending on who you ask, the strategies may be different, these are the strategies I would / have used in 2v2 as of the current season.

    Druid Warrior
    Sap - Cheap shot the warrior Make sure that you are mounted as the priest, and charge the druid, get a fear off on the druid, and get your dots going on the warrior, have your rogue open on the warrior using the opener from info. Blow up the warrior, use your silence on the druid after fear, and depending on the situation use PH on the warrior / druid, if u can kill the warrior but the druid is about to end his cc chain, id say use it on the druid for a few more seconds, he may trinket. Use blind when you can, remember the DRs, but blinding even if its on DR may be useful, it's situational.

    Paladin Warrior
    Sap the paladin, open on the warrior, watch for Hand of sac or Divine sac. If he uses divine sac, just open on the warrior and try to pull him out of los. If he uses hand of sac, dispel it then open. Be ready to fear after sap. He may trinket fear, so be ready. If he's prot wait for a silence until he starts casting (use it as an interrupt, instead of a blanket silence) If he's holy just silence as a chain for fear. Also, Use PH on the paladin / warrior depending.

    Priest Warrior
    It's a matter of preference here. personally I'd choose the warrior again. Sap the priest, open on the warrior, dispel fear ward, fear the priest. Silence chain, use PH again on whoever it helps most.

    Shaman Warrior
    Sap the shaman, open on the warrior, kill tremor, fear the shaman after sap. silence the shaman after fear, might not be a bad idea to silence with a second left, or .5 left on fear, unless he trinkets.. just to make sure your silence isn't grounded. Use PH on whoever it helps...

    Info for warriors.
    Sap the warrior, then cheap shot the warrior right after, sapping him allows you some time to get to him to cheap shot, so you do not get demo shouted out by trying to use a cheap shot right away because the sap range is much larger.
    Openers should always be CS / KS / Dismantle. - DO NOT GIVE THE WARRIOR TIME TO CHARGE IN BETWEEN CS / KS

    Druid Warlock
    This match can be a true pain, your target depends on gear, and you will probably have to switch a bit. If the lock is not UD you can go for the druid. Sap the lock, CS the druid Asap, so he doesn't get hots on himself, use your instants first, and fake cast. Watch for the spell lock, or if you don't get your instants up and get in until a little bit later, just get instants up and fear the lock AND the pet. Now you can free cast on the druid, I suggest using CS / KS / PH / Silence chain on the druid. The lock will most likely trinket your first fear. He'll start peeling so watch for the dcoil and fears, try not to get double howled by the lock, and if he fears before ua, dispel fear. If you are going for the druid it's key you try to end the match quickly, you can't last long against a free casting UA lock, so make sure you chain your stuns / silences on the druid as long as you can to prevent his healing. If the lock is UD you'll have to start on the lock unless they are undergeared. So start on the lock, might not be a bad idea to dot the pet as well, get a swp and vamp embrace on the druid, then fear the druid. If the druid trinkets and has no hots, or the warlock trinkets, then you may want to start your switch by waiting for dots to end on the lock and getting a full blind. Don't get caught on shadow when you are trying to kill the druid, and make sure your rogue doesn't try to sap the lock while his pet is in combat.
    If you are going to switch you may want to make sure your the blind isn't on DR when you use it on the lock, or if he doesn't have wotf or trinket from an earlier blind or stun, then you can go for a full fear - try to get the pet with the lock.

    Paladin warlock
    Another preference fight, it may be easier to just kill the paladin in most cases, sap the lock, open on the paladin, get a fear on the lock and the pet, he'll probably wotf / trinket, keep the paladin stunned / silenced as long as you can to force a bubble, if you are able to, go for a mass dispel, if not, that's ok, you can dot the pet, or start healing and just wait out the bubble, run for los, let your rogue restealth without wasting vanish, and just get full health, and go for your reopener, fear the lock again, if he was UD he'll trinket, then u can blind him, even if it's only 4 seconds.

    Priest warlock
    Train the priest all day. Sap the lock go straight on the priest, and sit on the priest, keep your rogue on him as much as you can by dispelling fears, and keep the lock off of him, your rogue should be able to destroy the priest with the help of a few dots and a well timed silence.

    Warlock / Rogue
    Sap the lock, get a VE or dispel on the lock to get in combat. start with instants, swp, then devo plague and have your rogue open on the lock, if they are alliance save fear, if they are horde use fear on the lock / pet on top of them, you may get the rogue, and if not you get the pet out of the way. when their rogue opens on your rogue use PH to get him off, then you can blind. He'll trinket blind, but i suggest you train the lock. If they are alliance, save fear, use fear on the rogue when he opens and hit the pet with it too, the rogue may just trinket the fear, and if you hit the lock with it too, he'll be stuck in it unless he trinkets. if they are alliance I would say switch the rogue, get dots on him, try to get a PH on their rogue after fear if he trinkets to allow your rogue to get a full stun lock on him. If their rogue trinkets fear, get dots on him in fear, then PH him when he trinkets, have your rogue vanish and open on their rogue witha full stun lock and kill their rogue, use a silence on the lock. If they are horde, you can either do the same strategy as above with alliance, or you can train the lock and just sit on him with a lot of dmg, if your rogue's blind is on CD i suggest you keep a dot on the rogue at all times to prevent stealths / vanishes as much as possible.

    Priest Enhance
    Sit on the enhance shaman until wolves are down, when wolves are down, get a fear or a full blind on the shaman, and switch to the priest.

    Priest Elemental
    Sap the shaman, kill the tremor, dispel Fear ward, sit on the priest. Get a fear after sap, he'll probably trinket unless he gets dispelled, then just blind him. If he trinkets sap, just blind him.

    Ele Destro
    if the lock is UD sit on the lock, kill tremor, sap the shaman in the start though. Train the lock and If the shaman trinkets blind just sap him, if he has tremor kill it during blind, fear after blind. Train the lock, use cd's early, you don't want the fight to go on long.

    Rogue Rshaman
    Sap the shaman, kill totems, open on shaman with VT Sw:p devo plague have your rogue open on their shaman with dots, fear the rogue as soon as he opens on your rogue. If their rogue opens on you, have your rogue open on him, unless you are already on the shaman. If their rogue let's you open on the shaman then train the shaman, use cs / ks / silence, don't get your silence groudingd, and use PH to peel the rogue if you can't fear. If their rogue opens on you early then just train their rogue use fear / blind / silence to cc the shaman.

    Rogue Rogue
    open on the first rogue you see, get dots on both rogues, use fears, kill the undead if there are 2 different races. If they are the same, kill the 1 that doesn't have cloak. Use blind if they don't have a trinket or dots.

    Rogue Shadow priest
    Sap the priest, dispel / VE to get in combat, dispel the priest, open on the priest.. VT swp, and have your rogue open on their priest... train the priest all game, use PH / fear to peel their rogue. Silence on the priest. Just sit on their priest the entire game.

    Rogue Dpriest
    Sap the priest, dispel / VE to get in combat, dispel the priest, open on the priest, if they let you open on the priest then just CS SILENCE on the CS and KS Nuke. If you silence on the CS after you get your dots up, then you can blow up the priest with no buffs and he can't pain suppression during the stun lock. If they are smart and don't let you open on the priest, then just sap the priest, have your rogue open on their rogue when he opens. If you get sapped and their priest starts dispelling you and is going to nuke you, your rogue has to open on their priest as soon as he can, unless the rogue is already out.

    Rogue / Ret
    Rush the ret and get into combat as quickly as possible, open with a silence on the ret and get your dots rolling on him. The silence stops alot of his front end dmg and his ability to cc you. The whole time he is closing distance with you, you should be melting his face off. By the time he does get in melee range hit him with a fear and if the rogue hasnt opened on you yet theres a decent chance you can catch him with it as well. Hit the ret with everything you got. If your gear is really solid its possible to kill the ret in 10-8 secs if the rogue doesnt jump in and try and save him or he doesnt bubble(You would be surprised how often this happens). The whole idea is to force him to bubble early and then wait out the bubble and paly from there. I would control the rogue during this time, fear, blind, and so on. If you can get him to bubble and your still at decent health it should be an easy win. Use your disarm after the bubble on the ret and if your silence and fear are off cd you should be able finish off the ret. SILENCE IS HUGE, use it vs dks and rets from the start of a fight in 1v1 situations and you can guarantee all your dots get rolling during that time with out fear of cc.
    (Thx to Eljeffe for this strat since I didn't even realize it wasn't up here)

    Rogue Mage
    If the mage is stupid and doesn't invis, sap him and VE / Dispel to get in combat. Get dots up and have your rogue cheap shot the mage, silence him on the cheap shot so he can't blink and has to block, if he blocks, have your rogue vanish and get away. If the rogue is undead the rogue will be a better choice, but if he's not then you can kill the mage. If they are smart and use invis, try to guess and mass dispel the mage out. You'll get sapped, the mage will come out and spellsteal you, have your rogue get on the mage (garrote if mage armor, cs if ice armor) when you are out of sap go on their mage, unless the rogue is out, then go on the rogue. if they are smart they'll kill your rogue, so just try to keep him up and alive via cc and healing. Don't trinket the half polly unless you have to.

    Rogue Feral
    Open on the first 1 you find. If you find the rogue, kill the rogue, if you find the feral, kill the feral. if the rogue is UD it may be easier to kill the rogue. Just outlive them, they have very limited healing abilities and very limited cc breaking abilities. if the feral trinkets anything you can blind him, i would suggest saving fear because he can simply berserk it, so using it on the feral isn't as useful. Silencing the feral when you see his NS proc can be useful as well, even if he's still in cat form.

    Priest Ret
    Kill whoever you don't sap, if you sap 1 of them, then kill the other. It really comes down to who you want to kill, either 1 of them are killable. If 1 has low health or something, go for him. Or if you feel that you are undergeared, kill the ret, or if you can do damage kill the priest. If you go on the priest, just sap ret, don't open if he has sac up, i'd suggest going on the ret if he gets sac up, and just sapping the priest. But if you are on the priest, CS silence KS blow up. Blind ret if he trinkets fear, dispel fear ward off whoever has it. Problem with going on the priest is hand of protection, it can be a pain to dispel when it needs to be dispelled. If you choose to go on the ret, then sap the priest, open on the ret, some rets are stupid and freedom during cs or after cs even if you don't kidney. So if you get a stupid ret, you can make him waste freedom, use PH on whoever it would help more, if you need the ret stunned a bit more, or the priest cc'd a bit more use it on whoever. Mass dispelling might not be the easiest or best thing, but if you get a pre massdispel cast on when you think he will bubble, then go for it. if not, run behind something and get a restealth and heal to full. and go for them again, you might be able to get another sap off.

    Priest Mage
    Train the priest all game, dispel your rogue from chill and frost nova, try to stay out of frost novas yourself, and shadow word pollies, use fear, blind, sap to control the mage to he doesn't control you, fearing mirrors, pet and mage at the same time isn't too difficult sometimes, and can be very useful, don't get caught with counterspell, and trinket the first polly that hits u, and dispel your rogue a LOT. you can use silence / ph on the priest since the mage will probably have mage armor.

    Priest Hunter
    Also a preference fight, you can train the hunter a bit easier than paladin hunters. If the priest is UD you may want to just kill the priest, if u can get a sap on either 1 of them, kill the other 1 though. You probably can't sap, so it's preference. Use PH if the hunter decides he's going to disengage to help your rogue get back to him. Train the hunter, use fears and blind and silence to keep the priest from healing him. if you go on the priest then get a fear on the hunter, disarm the hunter via PH and use silence on the priest, make sure your rogue doesn't garrote before silence or silence will not last long at all.

    Priest Feral
    Open on the priest if the feral doesn't open, but open on the feral if he does. Just like priest rogue, blow up the priest CS - silence - ks, you can PH the priest as well, and fear on top of both of them. Or if the feral opens early, just open on the feral with a cc chain on the priest.

    HPaladin Hunter
    train the paladin, use fears blind, ph on the hunter, and sit on the paladin, if he bubbles you can run los or try to mass dispel, kill the pet if you run los and it follows you.
    Dispel the paladin when you can, and try to prevent cc.

    Mage Rdruid
    Train the Druid if he's undergeared or you can sap. train the mage if you can't kill the druid. This team won't be easy. The mage will be killable if you keep dispels on the rogue, and the mage. Try not to get hit by polly. If you get a good opener on the druid in the start, he's very killable too.

    Druid Hunter
    Based on preference, If the you can sap the hunter, kill the druid, but pretty much pick your target, run in mounted and fear, Either 1 of them work for killing. Use PH when you feel the time is good on either 1 of them, hunter may help more. Silence the druid when you need to, and blind if you can get the kill, even if it's dr'd.

    Shaman Feral
    Sap the shaman, run in, if the feral opens on the priest, then have your rogue open on the feral. Kill the tremor and fear the shaman. sit on the feral for the rest of the game. If the feral doesn't open kill the tremor and VT swp devo plague then blow up the shaman, have your rogue open on the shaman right when you dot, and blow up the shaman, just sit on him, cs, ks, silence. you can fear on top of both of them to help. you can use PH on the shaman if you need to.

    DK Healer
    Train the healer no matter who it is, unless you get an amazing opener on the dk, or are able to switch with some amazing setup. But against any good DK healer pretty much your only chance of winning is by killing the healer. Sap if you can, fear into ph into shackle if you need to, try to blind when it won't be dr'd unless he still has trinket. Use silence at the best possible time. Try to live, keep your rogue dispelled so he can do as much as he can. if they are bad, or stupid, you may be able to kill the dk, but in any case against a top team, the healer is your only chance.


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by March on December 27th 2010, 05:39

    Is there a similar topic for other classes too?


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Hulken on December 27th 2010, 06:43

    idk i got it from a forum for priests :)


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Zedex on December 27th 2010, 10:00

    It's really handy and usefull Hulken, thanks.
    Can we got one for paladins too? :D
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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Azrr on December 28th 2010, 11:06


    That's nothing but spamming the 3 buttons.


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Geass on December 29th 2010, 02:06

    ^said the warr that does charge+bladestorm.

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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by xj0h4nn3sx on December 29th 2010, 10:37

    Well - Warrior scale hard with gear. To dominate you have to get the best gear ingame :( that's bad ;)
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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Azrr on December 29th 2010, 21:53

    xj0h4nn3sx wrote:Well - Warrior scale hard with gear. To dominate you have to get the best gear ingame :( that's bad ;)

    Nuff Said!

    Since getting gear on magic...isn't easy.

    And after the 3.3.5 thing, Bladestorm has turned into shiz, its too easy to run away from it, ofc one needs a bit of common sense for that.

    Also, on magic-wow, bladestorm barely does more that 3k dmg, OVER SIX SECONDS.


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Geass on December 30th 2010, 00:03

    Oh, I forgot, charge+harmstring+bladestorm. Try running now. Ofc there are ways to avoid taking in all that dmg, but don't bring up the pally with hand of freedom or the classic bubble.
    And magic-wow iz full of crap. On other servers, when a warrior uses bladestorm you really feel like running and sometimes you can't really do that.
    Srsly speaking, bladestorm is a fearsome ability, but there are countermeasures. My pesonal favourite is the rogue dismatle :P
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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Azrr on December 30th 2010, 10:14

    What you said is right, I was just mentioning the "Magic-wow" part of it. I barely log, even on magic, playing on other servers is far :P


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Geass on December 31st 2010, 01:02

    I bet the fact that you barely log has a negative impact on the guild. Isn't there anything you can do about it?
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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Azrr on December 31st 2010, 11:11

    Nah, the schedule kinda sucks for me, and the office timings keep changing each week. The 1st week of Jan, I am gonna work from 10pm to almost 10am in the morning.



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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Nevermore on June 15th 2011, 22:03

    Nice guide whoever made it.
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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by Hulken on July 22nd 2011, 11:36

    its from


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    Re: shadow preist pvp

    Post by santhelin on July 25th 2011, 15:30

    Good, but i kinda h8 it when my s priest / rogue meets any dk/healer (rly hard to win when the dk just pulls u and pops gg, slow, immune to fear etc, D:) and fmage / spriest ( i kno u open on the priest mostly, but the mage just spams silence and CCs on priest and once the rogue blows cloak its over him.

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    Re: shadow preist pvp

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